Monday, January 31, 2011

Legend First Ride on Reunion Island by Bertrand

Welcome to the BANSHEE Reunion Island !

I deal Banshee here since late 2010, I sold some Rune and Legend, but had not yet had time to built mine because too much work!

Now it's done! This is my personal bike, which is also being tested for promotion to all riders who wish!

Legend MKII White Medium
Fox RC4 (before
ELKA famous !)
Boxxer R2C2
Ultimate Deemax
Elixir mag (203 front / 185 rear)
X.0 derailleur and shifter
Ibeam saddle and seatpot
M815 Saint crank
E-thirteen LG1 +
Nukeproof pedal
Point One Racing direct mount stem
Sunline V1 Handlebar 745 mm

First run this Saturday, January 23, 2011, rain is part of the ride ha ha ha ! On a beautiful natural trail rather technical, tight, with lots of roots and lots of mud !
Difficult to try a new bike in these conditions, so I start with some fears !

2 first run gently to take the temperature and then ... it's awesome : the bike is super safe, you get used very quickly, and I begin to attack with joy ! My feelings : player, lively, stable ride with a flawless!
A killer bike, a real rocket which only limits are my driving !

Big thanks to Jay and Banshee TEAM !

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fogelsode S2 #7: Epic Ride Time

After watching too many Epic Meal Time videos on YouTube, Iggy and I decided to get creative when it came to making breakfast!  Leaving the house with satisfied stomachs, we met up with Allen Stoddard and Conner Kuhns out on the trails.  We had a good time on the evening trail ride, enjoying the great weather and trail conditions.  We even learned a few new lines that we’d never tried before.  Enjoy!


Photo Credit: Conner Kuhns


Winter Outside, Paul Takes it Inside

Hey guys,

Seeing how its winter here still, I have been craving riding my bike since October. Anyways, inside the restaurant I work in there is a skateshop, and that shop has a mini ramp and quarter pipe setup. I was a little skeptical about bringing my mountain bike into a tiny little halfpipe made for skateboards haha. But it is actually pretty fun and I managed to get a few pictures on my Iphone 4 of the action ( or lack-of).

Paul Genovese

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some helmetcam footage from Whistler last summer.

Here is some video edited and filmed by Dean Wilkes, from when we went riding together in Whistler last summer.

Somehow Dean's edit actually made me almost look half decent. Truth was this was one of my first days riding the big bike in 2 years, and I had zero confidence or riding strength... so was riding like a noob! Ah well, got a bit better over the weeks, and next summer I'll hopefully be back on form. Regardless of my crap riding in this vid, it was still great fun to hit the mountain with such a great guy, and to film with his unique camera mount angle!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thomas Bibiloni by AisA Bike in France

Let me introduce to you Thomas Bibiloni, french dirter on Banshee AMP
First month in 2011, first issue, Ride It Magazine here in France....
(i called him yesterday evening, he was riding with Sam Pilgrim......!!?? surprise)

cool and nice pics

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Bike Mag

Pick up the January issue of Bike Mag and check out the add for the Banshee Spitfire. Then go to your local dealer and buy a Banshee Spitfire. Then go to your local trail and ride your Banshee Spitfire. Thanks to Morgan Dunnet for doing the illustration and thanks to Aaron and Strahan for the image.

Check out for information about your local dealer or email with your location and we will do the work for you.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Boomstick Camera Angle - Allen Stoddard

Here is one of the short downhill runs next to my house. It is super short but ridiculously fun! Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

First Ride - Sebastian Jensen

After the forest was buried in snow from mid november, it has been hard to ride. So today I headed out to my local DH spot. Its only about 30 sekunds long but fun and has a lot of good momories to it. It was quite weird to ride my bike again after two mounths, but it was super sick. The first runs was like if I had to learn to ride again - really funky. But after a few runs I felt home again! It was also one of the first rides on my new Marzocchi 888 RC3 Ti from 2011. That fork is so controlled and super plush! I can wait to get my Marzocchi Roco shock on, when I get my spring for it. Besides the suspension my Legend is running smooth. It can´t wait to see what 2011 might bring!
First ride of ´11 - happy!

2011 is looking to be a good year racing wise so stay tuned for the race schedule!

- Sebastian Jensen, 222Racing

Hand digging before/after

About 2 weeks of digging into rock hard dirt and finally i have my new step up that i wanted to build. Hopefully it will pay off having a safe jump to try the not so dialed tricks on and learn new ones :)

Riding clips soon once its all dialled in :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day in Santa Cruz by Jeff Herbertson

I recently moved my business from Santa Cruz to a new location in Novato California. I haven't had much free time since setting up shop has been quite a labor intensive process. Last weekend I took a trip down to Santa Cruz to get a little session in between rainstorms. Thanks to Ray for filming and putting this together.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo Shoots and Helmet Cams! - Allen Stoddard

This is my first season racing for Banshee and I am already super pumped for this year! I have a lot planned for this year and I already have some good videos and photos for you guys to view.

Photo Credit: Sean Culligan

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fox Kashima coated Forks/Shocks

Just a quick note to everyone out there as I have received at least 10 questions on this in the last 2 days.
Fox will NOT be supplying any forks to any manufacturer with the Kashima coating. So as it stands only forks sold through aftermarket will be available with this coating.

We're only speculating at this point but we believe the coating is only being done by the subcontractor in Japan, which means the forks have to travel from the USA to Japan, then back to the USA. Now if they had to travel back to Asia again that would be a lot of shipping charges and something the OE manufacturers would not want to absorb.
I believe Fox may be setting up some infrastructure to mitigate this added cost of both money and time so that in the near future OE's will be able to get the same forks as the aftermarket. But for the 2011 season we just can't get it.

Off Season training with Adam Brayton

Adam had a bit of a rough end to 2010... but he is back on the bike and working hard for the 2011 WC race season. Adam can't ride slowly.. it's a fact, he just falls off if he tries... so he has to go everywhere at full throttle... as you'll see here!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Skull Candy @ AT Show Down

Mike's 720 at the AT Show Down was one of the biggest tricks of 2010. When he lands the 1080 that will be one of the biggest tricks of 2011.

Mike skipped breakfast so he is hungry ... my guess is he will be eating a big lunch. And by a big lunch I mean expect big things from Mike Montgomery.

Watch him throw down at the Mike Montgomery Show, I mean AT Show Down:

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fogelsode S2 #6: Good Ol' Winter

The weather’s been amazing lately, with many warm sunny days and a few rainy ones here and there.  We got some solid rain one morning, which threw off the day’s plans, so I decided to go to the step-up instead and do a bit of filming.  I brought my slope bike out there and had a good time trying some tricks that I’d only done on my hardtail.  With the sun coming out the next day, many made their way over to Post Office to do some digging.  It was productive to say the least, and with a few more days of work, there should be a couple new lines running!


Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Mythic Grassroots top

Exclusive to our 2011 Mythic Grassroots Team riders is this Endura manufacured DH race jersey

Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, we will try and get a better photo asap!!

AMP bikes should be arriving mid February ready for our Grassroots riders to start getting out there and ripping it up :)


Rob C
Mythic Bikes, UK

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spitfire Bike Mags - Bible of Reviews

Go grab a copy of The Bible. We got a pretty kick ass review and were one of the 6 favorites out off all categories of bikes for the Spitfire. We also have a full page review and check that out... made front page of Bike Mags The Bible.
I've also been checking out BikeMags tweets and seems they have a new site up... looks pretty damn good. Go here to check it out

Thanks for sending this over Devon!

2010 Photography with Laurence CE

A slide show showcasing some of my work from 2010. Following me from Big White (Kelowna, B.C.) and its deep powder snow stashes to the dusty trails of the Whistler Bike Park and other great riding areas in BC, then back home to the UK.

What will 2011 bring?

Just going to kick this article off with the slideshow and let the photos do the talking!

I must add, the video quality isn't 100%, due to my computer starting to cry when I tried rendering in HD!

Music - E-Voski - Shutter Flow (

Also if you guys liked the music, then hit up this artist on his sound cloud, where you can find a FREE DOWNLOAD of the track exclusive to you guys. But I also urge you to check out the rest of his work - E-Voski

That's my 2010 season in photos. And wow it's been a good one. I have got so many big shout outs to everyone who made 2010 an amazing year, and I'm already eager to see what 2011 brings. Currently working on a new project with my old friend Duane Walker and I've got some other stuff in the pipe to get you guys stoked.

I would like to give a few shouts to companies that have helped out this year:

Pinkbike - (Big shout to Ty and Jordan!)
Big White
Sign Designs - Kelowna, BC
Sun Country Cycles - Vernon, BC
The Lost Duck
Banshee Bikes
One Planet Adventure
Switch Bak Mountain Bike Threads

I'm sure that I've missed some, but I thank everyone that has helped along the way (beds, work, bikes, laughs!) - Thank You!

-Laurence CE

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lear Miller's Winter in the South

Lear Miller is quickly making a name for himself within America's race scene, and it looks like Team Geronimo/Banshee Bikes scooped him up for 2011.

Check out this incredible video of how Lear spends his winters

Thanks to Brandon Turman for the front page Vital MTB and Pinkbike posts ...

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Monday, January 10, 2011

Titanium 150x12 axle update

Some of you may know that we have been testing some titanium axles on legends around the world for the last few months, that will fit into any maxle compatible frame to replace the maxle.

The V1 Prototypes were slightly out of tolerance (as is often the case with protos), so they were reworked and then sent out to racers around the globe to put through their paces.

The V2 version (as seen in place on my legend above), was just an experiment to see if there would be an issue with the axles loosening over time due to sticky hub bearings unscrewing them... there was one case where the axle loosened half a turn... so even tho some loctite could solve this issue, I thought it wise to just add a lock bolt to remove this issue completely.

The V3 axles as pictured above use a very simple lock bolt design which in itself is not load bearing, but just there to keep the axle in place by locking into the frame and then holding the axle in place not by opposing thread directions, but just variation in thread pitch.

The axles and bolts are made of Grade 5 6Al 4V titanium alloy for excellent strength to weight ratio... the V2 axles and bolts combined weigh about 55-60g according to kitchen scale (sorry, don't have an accurate scale here). However this does match the theoretical value of 57g based on volume of alloy used.

The 3 versions will now be put through their paces to check there are no unforeseen issues and that they are more than strong enough (calculations suggest that it is more than 5 times stronger than Maxle Lite, and supports the hub body completely). The idea behind the project is to come up with a lighter, stronger and better supporting (to the hub) axle.

Once we are happy with the performance and strength then these axles will come as standard on all applicable Banshee bikes, and will also be available aftermarket for people looking for another option to the maxle system on whatever brand of bike they ride. When we start shipping them, we will post it on the blog so that you can pre order.

Good excuse to travel...

If you want to travel the world a bit and attend lots of major mountain bike events, ride the world cup tracks and just have an amazing time, then you should check out

If you make it to any of the WC events, then remember to chear on our guys, Matej Charvat and Adam Brayton!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally 2

Look out for Banshee factory team rider Adam Brayton sending big airs and slaying tight corners.

More Mountain Biking Videos

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mike's Amp

After Mike landed himself on the podium at Crankworx he stopped taking my calls, he stopped returning my emails and now only communicates with me through his "team". Just kidding, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Mike he is one of the most down to earth guys I know. He just wants to ride his bike and blow minds.

After we did the purple and black amps for Nic's Eyes, Mike asked if we could do something special for him. In my mind if you podium at one of the biggest competitions of the year then you get custom stuff. We (Mike's "team" and I) started tossing around ideas and came up with something that was totally Mike.

Mike has been bugging me daily for pictures ... I have been sending him little teasers. But nothing like this ... "Hey Mike, here is your amp!!!"

Mike Montgomery Green and Black ...

Mike told me about a font he liked, I took it and started doodling with it, then I took a picture of it and loaded into Illustrator. The result is pretty cool.

The "SD" logo that Mike sports on all his stuff. I believe it stands for San Diego and as everyone knows was discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Monday, January 3, 2011

VOD on Pinkbike!

Conner, Luke, and I shot this back in September and it made VOD on Pinkbike today!

Fogelsode S2 #5: James' Santa Cruz Trip

James Visser just made the trip up here from San Diego to ride and chill for a week.  Due to the steady rain, most spots were far from running, but with a little work we got in a nice session on Hone’s jumps early in the week.  The trails were running great despite a few puddles here and there, so we got some runs in out there as well.  However, we spent the most time at the step-up, as the sand soaks up most of the rain and it runs great this time of year.  Towards the end of the week we got a big sesh going out there, with Greg throwing down some big tricks like a bar to tailwhip and even a double flip!  James went for the double flip, and got close, but under rotated on one and landed right on his head.  Thankfully he was perfectly fine after a moment of shock, so everyone decided to call it after that.  It was a rad week of shredding, enjoy!

James did quite a bit of filming with his GoPro as well, so check out his view of the week in his latest video!