Saturday, July 31, 2010

Healthy Back Tips

I got a bunch of documentation to go with the staples down my back. I will not bore you with the first eight post surgery healthy back tips. I will give you number nine and a shot of my not so healthy back.

9. Sexual activity can usually be resumed while your back is healing as long as it does not cause pain. Please discuss this with your surgeon. You may need to wear your brace and try different positions to see which is most comfortable.


So try some healthy back sexual positions … tonight …

Keep Riding

Rob Dunnet

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crankworx Colorado Course

It rained all night last night, making for quite a muddy mountain this morning.  Qualifiers got postponed to tomorrow, so we took it easy today, rippin the luge track and watching X-Games.  We got some sun, and once things started drying out we grabbed our bikes to get a little practice in.  As soon as we got out the door of the hotel to cruise to the course, it started pouring!

I snapped a few shots of the course if you haven’t seen it.

p4pb5414281[1] p4pb5414283[1]

p4pb5414286[1] p4pb5414287[1]


I got my new 2010 Banshee Rampant all built up and dialed in as well, with new X-Fusion suspension and Geax tires!  Got to test it out in practice yesterday and it’s amazing!  Slope machine!



We’ll see how the weather is tomorrow!

Hope you’re feelin better Rob!


Banshee Kiara Rage..the video

Val di Sole track walk

Brayton is back getting the inside scoop at Val di Sol, showing the secret hucks, treehouse veiwing platforms and local wildlife... what else do you need? Oh yeah... a Track walk before this weekends WC.

Good luck Adam, we will all be chearing you for you on trackside and on freecaster.

Acurate Alpine?

I feel that Horst's riding style almost merits yet another name for type of riding... it is epic and intense... where slow speed accurate and controlled riding meets big mountain... pretty crazy, please suggest what you would call it? Is this just true all mountain?

What ever you want to call it I find it inspiring and epic.

Visiting the Duke from on Vimeo.

Check out some more amazing pics fro this trip and many others on their website... Silly Lines

Big thanks to Horst and Johannes for the unique riding, and to Andi for the excellent camera work.

Mike Montgomery - POD

Mike Montgomery gets Pinkbike PoD (Photo of the Day) with this lazy superflip...

Damn he makes it looks so easy! jarrellj751 at Pinkbike did a little photoshop.
I thought it was hellarious and wanted to share. Check out the link!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Team Geronimo has been busy!

Info PR: n/a L: 0 L: 3Rank: 8 Age: Oct 12, 1999 whois Density
It's been a little while since our last blog post, so here's the latest and greatest about Team Geronimo:

The Journey to Colorado!

Justin Wyper, Brendan Howey, and I made the sad departure from Whistler the other day, to begin our journey to Colorado.  One of the CoC campers, Grant Minishred Schnell, generously showed us around on some awesome trails when we were passing through Washington, and further let us spend the night at his house!  Thanks again buddy!  We made the long haul to Colorado the next day, and 24 hours later (with some interesting experiences), we made it!

Once we got here, we hiked up the course to check it out.  Looks pretty sweet, except the Tower of Terror (double whale tale) looks a bit daunting.  I suppose we’ll see tomorrow in practice.

Right now, we’re killin some time hangin out at Starbucks waiting for $2 tacos to start at 3:00 at Lime.  They’ve got some interesting power outlet placements here!



Red Bull Dirt Pipe

About 3 months ago i received a phone call from the editor of [R]evolution magazine , Australia's leading gravity mag. The mission was 5 riders 3 photographers and 3 days at Redbull's famous Dirtpipe. When we all first rolled into the place and looked at the giant pipe the first thing i noticed is this thing is way bigger then any picture or video makes it look. Its a lot steeper then i thought it would be. The owner Mitch built the pipe as close as he could to a snowboard super pipe. So to see it in dirt was an amazing site and huge props Mitchell Smith and his crew that built it. The speed needed to get out of the pipe and make the jumps was also a surprise, you had to be going warp speed at some place especially the hips at the bottom which were the most fun. I spent most of my time just hitting the hips cause there is nothing better to float over then a huge boosty hip. Anyway the magazine is out so here are some shots of the trip. Get [R]evolution v20 for the full story.4 5 6

Alan Hepburn

Banshee Kiara Rage 2010

Pic by Keng Mun

Pic by Jay MacNeil

Teams Banshee Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia as well as all the regional rippers had a blast at our race last weekend!
Jay was present to give away the Banshee Wildcard to Men's Elite category winner, Aim who won the race in a nail-biting final run in the monsoon rain!

1. Aim Fauzi (ROAM Racing Division) 4:01.027
2. Adam Ahmad Faroze (Fakawi Banshee) 4:03.300
3. Ian Krempl (unsprung Rollick) 4:12.271
4. JR Stanly Jalip (Fakawi Banshee) 4:14.865
5. Pornomo (United Bike Kencana Freeride Junkie Clothing) 4:18.012

more pics and results here BANSHEE KIARA RAGE 2010!

Jay got to satisfy his craving for local curry dishes in the end...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Camp of Champions Wrap Up!

Well Camp of Champions have wrapped things up for another year, and i got to say what a year it was. The park was in awsome shape, a little dry at the end but the bike park crew kept things in good condition. New this year was the Camp of Champs compound which saw crazy sessions every night. As great as it was it sure made you beat by the end of the day and riding for a potential 12 hours a day for 4 weeks will drain anyone. But cant complain the last two weeks of camp went smoothly and more and more campers were learning flips and other tricks on the airbag then to mulch every day. Here are some shots of my experience from the camp :)

1 2 3

Alan Hepburn

Chromag Family Gathering

Hey guys, The Chromag Family gathering was really fun. There was a ton of sick riders and I saw a few fellow banshee riders there visiting aswell.

Here are some shots taken by Laurence Crossman-Emms.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Crash:

My first mistake was riding alone. I made all the arguments in my head to justify it. It is a local trail, close to home and I had ridden it several times before. And I was not expecting to crash, and if I did crash I was expecting to walk away from it.

I checked all the stunts on the way up the trail, made sure all the lips and landings were in good condition and that nothing had changed since I had last ridden the trail. I got to the top, put my knee pads on, my knee brace on and my helmet on. I usually ride with a dirt lid but after a weekend watching Goatstyle in Creston I decided it was time to start wearing my full face more. I cannot express how important good safety gear is to all kinds of riding. If you are a beginner or a pro it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. I hear lots of arguments like “it is expensive” or “it is not cool” and I have made these excuses, but at the end of the day you never know what it going to happen on any ride.




Team Banshee Australia racer Ben Power took another calculating and convincing win in round 3 of the Queensland State Sunshine Series at Toowoomba yesterday aboard his Legend MKII missile. Having his first race after securing the Colorado State Under 19 male Downhill Championship a month ago whilst on holidays in the USA, Ben had an ordinary lead up to the event by managing to crash heavily during practice injuring his forearm.

Qualifying was not without it's dramas due to the 'officials' failing to rank Ben in the No. 1 or 2 spot as the joint series leader. Worse still, they ranked him 2nd last for qualifying meaning he had several slow riders in front to contend with but this only 'fired' him up more and he went onto qualify first with a 5 second margin to the second qualifier (the other joint series leader!).

On a track that was incredibly dry, dusty, loose and unpredictable Ben decided to let it all hang out and pushed the Legend to his limits to secure the win by a commanding 6 seconds and take the overall lead in Under 19 male with one race to run and wind up the series. The Legend continues to attract a lot of attention at races and with the results being attained it is only a matter of time before these 'racers' become the norm rather than the exception at major events. Keep up the great work Keith & Jay, in Ben's words - the Legend is a bullet.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whistler trip/Healing Vibes

Hey guys, I am leaving for whistler today, and I thought Id let you know I am going to enter the Whistler Jump jam this weekend, and possibly Centre of Gravity in Kelowna Next weekend.
Heres some pictures from Goatstyle as well.

I hope Rob has a full and fast recovery as well! I rode with him the day before he crashed and he was ripping, so its terrible that he had to end his season that seemed to be going great.
-Paul Genovese

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gareth Jones in Whistler

Freeborn/Mythic rider Gareth Jones has just spent 2 months in Whistler riding on his Mythic Scythe - alright for some! Anyone who’s been to Whistler knows just how amazing the place is. Anyone who hasn’t been should go, it really is that simple. The bike park offers a dedicated bike chairlift all the way to the top of the mountain and once there gives riders access to a large number of trails for all skill levels. The trails are nicely mixed too with everything from super fast rocky/rooty DH options to steep and slow techy trails plus everything in between. There’s a fair few unique trails too such as the famous A-Line trail - 4 minutes of berms and tabletops that snakes its way down to the bottom of the mountain where you can finish off by joining the dual track or flying off the GLC drops. Then there’s the skills areas where you can practice drops, north shore obstacles and tabletops, it really is a place which guarantees progression and caters for all styles of rider.

Gareth’s Whistler Report:

Whistler has long lived as the Mecca of mountain biking. This year I went for round two. I have just got back from a 2 month trip in Whistler, where progression and good times were key. The trip turned out to be amazing with what I thought was pretty much ideal weather, rainy for a few days followed by a few days of sunshine, maintaining the trails to be nice and tacky as well as allowing the trail crew to keep the trails buff.

My bike (Mythic Scythe with single crown Totem) was ideal for the bike park, allowing me to shred all of the jumps as well as go fast on the downhill. With riding everyday and the amount of laps capable of achieving, progression comes hand in hand with Whistler. To begin with, the bottom half of the mountain was open, offering plenty to keep me entertained, however half way through, Garbanzo opened, which if you have been to Whistler completely revolutionises your riding as there is plenty of gnarly downhill to be done, including Goats Gully, Original sin, Shale master, renegade, In-deep and Duffman to name a few. To add to this, when it was first opened the tracks were super wet, making extremely root’y trails such as In-deep very challenging but heap’s of fun at the same time.

Coming near the end of my trip to Whistler I got nervous at the start of each day as I was apprehensive of what happened at the end the previous year in Whistler (2 broken wrists and being knocked out for almost 6 minutes), however this apprehension did not prevail when I was on the mountain, because as soon as anyone gets there and gets onto that lift, all you ever want to do is go faster and higher than you did either the previous day or run. Overall the trip was a huge success with the bike matching everything I could throw at it, hopefully the progression will be portrayed in future race results. I have also made an edit of my trip to Whistler which I have attached the link below.

I hope you enjoy

Champery Wc round 4, track walk with Adam Mythdog Brayton

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just In… rob update

James DunnetJuly 23, 2010 at 4:02am

Re: rob

The latest...
I received this from my mom...
We have been talking to Robert. He has had his surgery, the doctor said all went really well. I guess he has something like 50 staples down his back. Robert is still in a lot of pain. Robert stood up today. Robert also has pnemonia, that is because he has not been up, but he is doing breathing exercises to get better. Gary and Morgan are there with Robert for now. It sounds as if Robert will only be in Vernon for a few days. I think they may transfer him back to Fernie.

Jay: Damn … 50 staples… need pics! Pnemonia… sounds like he’s defnitely down for awhile, and managed to do a real number on himself.

Well we’re all in your corner, take care buddy !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bryce Piwek Pohots

My long time buddy Bryce came down to chill on the beach for a couple days and me and Brandon Hayward went up to Harry's and took a couple photos with the sunset.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Broke Back Mountain part deux (nette)

I heard that Rob was out filming for Broke Back mountain 2 when he had his mishap.
Now that i figure Rob will be ok, I can make fun of him!
We're a pretty sorry lot I suppose. Me with a busted up body after slamming into a truck on my motorcycle, half the Team Geronimo guys down with various injuries, and now Rob laying in a bed enjoying sponge baths by hairy man nurses -former retrained forestry workers with large rough hands- and tasting the finest the BC Medical system offers in culinary delights... such as ice in a cup, wet toast with hardboiled egg, warm apple juice, and for desert orange jello... the flavor that no one wants.

The latest is he's having bone removed from his hip and put into his back to strengthen it up and docs say he will be back filming in no time. His bruised uterus is also healing up nice.

I'm also hoping that he reads this and has a good laugh with broken ribs.

Heal up buddy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Robs Back

So i'm kind of on a mini vacation on Penghu Island... but i took the office with me - good thing.
I got word while on the tour bus that Rob broke his back and i'm trying to get more information on it. This comes a few hours after hearing that Mike Montgomery crashed big at the Claymore Challenge and has done a fine job on his bike...
Mike if you see this blog post send me an email with your phone number... Rob was your contact but he's out of action.

Thanks James for the info... keep me updated on Rob.

Update from Keith...

I just heard from Rob's bro... Rob is still in hospital in a lot of pain, but is well enough to joke a bit, his neck brace has been removed, and luckily he has full mobility! (which is always a big relief with spinal injuries!). I hope that the doc's prognosis is positive Rob, and that the pain fades away quickly and you get back up on your feet soon. Healing vibes are coming at you from Scotland, and no doubt by banshee riders from around the world!

Further update from Keith...

Rob is undergoing back surgery tomorrow to reinforce things and drain blood away from broken ribs... the Surgeon says he should expect a full and fast recovery after surgery. Our thoughts are with you Rob, we all know any surgery is scary, but I know you'll pull through with flying colours and bounce back.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goat Style Video by Nic Genovese

Hey Just found Nic's video from Goat style bike jam.

All wish's going out to Rob. Finger's are crossed bro!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adam Brayton on Straitline

Banshee / Mythic factory team rider and world cup racer Adam Brayton showing why Straitline pedals are some of the best flats in the business.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Team Building

A few days ago Mike, Alan, and I missioned out to Creston, BC for Goatstyle!  For the Banshee team, we’re all about team building.  Through Pina Colada smoothies for breakfast, breathtaking games of chess, and seeing who could jump over their foot, the team got real close, real fast.


On a serious note, it was an awesome time and everyone threw down!  Mike took home 2nd place with a crazy run, and the Friday Night Lights Jam went off!  Alan landed a dialed corkflip barspin, and I stuck a superman to tailwhip flip!  I got a chance to meet Paul, who was killing it all weekend as well, qualifying and putting together an awesome run!

There’s not too much video and pics up of the contest yet, but I’ll try to post them as I find em.  Mike, Alan, and I got up at 4:30 to meet with Jason Headley, Mike Zinger, and Aaron Larock for a sunrise shoot up on the course, so stay tuned for the result of that!  Here’s a video of Friday Night Lights that Reece put together.  Alan’s cork-bar and my superflipwhip are in there.

Thanks go out to the guys at Geax too, generously helping us all out a lot!


Goat Style 2010

I posted around 90 unedited pictures on last night. You can check them out here.

In the next couple of days I will pick the ones that I like the most and crop and edit them. I took over 1000 pictures, deleted them down to two or three hundred and then pick the ones that I thought were the best and then posted them.


I had a great time in Creston I got to see a bunch of friends that I have not seen in a while and got to watch some amazing riding from a lot of Banshee, Straitline and Geax riders. There is an awesome group of guys sponsored by all three companies.


Have to give a shout out to the guys at Geax for the shade, water, stickers and pizza. You guys rock …


It was a great weekend, Team Rider Mike Montgomery finished second behind Greg Watts with a run that could have easily been judged as a first placed run. Casey Groves had the run of the day going until he slipped a pedal.


I was personally most impressed by Fernie’s Paul Genovese. He was the youngest competitor to make it through qualifying. He had great solid first runs and then tried something new on his second runs. If he can keep progressing he will have a bright future in the industry.



More to come in the next couple of days. Jack and Allan killed it, I just have to find the pictures for them.

Keep Riding,

Rob Dunnet

Friday, July 9, 2010

Camp of champions - camp B

Second week of camp is a wrap and once again it was non stop riding and the best time ever. We had a bunch of campers that were here the year before return so it was great to see how much they improved and to continue coaching them. Anyway enough talk here's another video of what went down in camp B. right now i am in Creston BC for goatstyle then i will be heading back to camp to continue living the good life :)

MBUK at Esher Shore Bike Park, England

MBUK magazine recently visited Esher Shore bike park here in England, UK - to cover the story that the legendary bike park is facing closure as trends have changed and riders are no longer sessioning the "shore"

It's always a privilege to work with Pro Photographer Steve Behr of Stockfile, he's great company and one of the most experienced lensmen in the bike biz!

Of course, as with any photoshoot involving bicycles, the photo's call "can you do it again?" is somewhat galling to a rider who is risking life and limb to huck his bucking bronco off a stunt; of course my Mythic Rampant is far from a bucking bronco, being a very controlled beast of a bike, but you get the idea...dirt = random experiences!

But, with Steve behind the lens, I had the confidence that tweaking the stunt even more, was worth the risk, shown below is the end result

I guess the mag is out in a few weeks, so pick up MBUK and show your support for "rider built, rider run" bike park Esher Shore

thanks for reading, and huge thanks to Steve for the wicked image!


rob cole
Mythic Bikes

Ladies Only

by Sanesh Iyer

Jul 8, 2010

Have you heard about the new Ladies Only? Well, you have now. It's been re-done, and now it's even more fun that before.
Adam Yunker & thought it would be cool to tribute a small article and some photos the one of the greatest builders and trails of all time.
May I present Todd "Digger" Fiander & Ladies Only!

Pics from photographer Adam Yunker

First roller, wraps around a rock, casual but fun.

First roller, wraps around a rock, casual but fun.

My favourite part of the trail.

My favourite part of the trail.

Look closely and notice that the root is intertwined with the rock work, that is definitely something that a lot of thought and effort was put into.

Hike a Bike

Hike a Bike

This section was a pain to hike up, suppose I should've waited for the photographer to setup! Oh well it's all in the good spirit of getting the perfect shot!

Coaster Time!

Coaster Time!

Ladder Bridge roller coaster section, three nice whoops in there, again casual, but tons of fun. Replaced the so called "Shitcoaster".

Riding Blind

Riding Blind

Why do I love this shot? It just reminds me of how the trail was for me that day...Blind thanks to the sweat of all the pushing up I had to do!

Reduce, Re-use, Re-Route!

Reduce, Re-use, Re-Route!

And of course the re-route, biggest change to the trail, Digger did a great thing here and re-used parts of the Shitcoaster to build a bridge around what was the gnarliest and an extremely dangerous part of the trail. Thanks for that buddy!
This trail is one of the best on the shore by far, it encompasses a full skill range. If you want a nice, casual shore ride with lots of ladders, this is your trail. And you can thank Todd "Digger" Fiander for that too. He's been building and pioneering some of the best trails and stunts, he spent two months on Mt. Fromme re-building this trail for all to enjoy. And we are all forever thankful! Thank you Digger for the amazing trail, and all of the other amazing ones.
If you guys like the photos give Adam Yunker his well deserved props! Or shoot him an E-Mail at!
Huge thanks goes out to North Shore Bike Shop, Banshee, & Race Face for the bike and offering tons of support for all of us!