Thursday, June 28, 2007

First ride on the Rampant!

Yesterday, Jay and myself headed on over to Trident Sports in North Vancouver to build up the prototype rampant frame that had just been delivered.

Since it is a first prototype, we went over it with a fine toothpick looking for slight build and design errors, and looking for ways to improve it the whole way through the build and initial ride. I can then report back to the factory about the quality of built as well as make changes and improvements to my designs.

We started off by stripping the frame right down and removing the internal grease injection axles and checking fit and quality (They look like pieces of jewelry). Then the build began, and the bike came together nicely without any major issues.

After making some final tweaks and adjustments to the gears and brakes, she was ready to rip!

Hahaha this bike was so much fun. It is incredibly tight and nimble... the closest thing to a full suspension 26" wheeled BMX I have ever come across. Even with the heavy build kit and fat tires (2.5 at back 2.7 up front, expect more like 2.3 dirt tires) it accelerated like a bullet!

The suspension setup on this bike is important to get the most from the linkage and to suit the intended application of 4X racing. It should run with very little sag (around 10%), as this bike is designed to be pedalled hard! Essentially, the suspension will only be noticeable when you need it to cushion a harsh landing or case and get a bit more traction while railing round a corner.

This bike is made for one thing... to go FAST and SMOOTH!

Schwara 2006 videoprofile

Last year I cut my video profile for one Czech bike DVD project, but the project finaly didnt went off. So now I make it public on my web site.

You can watch it here or download on my web:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On Top Demo

So we'll be building up the other Rune [medium] and Rampant for the On Top Demo this Saturday ;I'll post up some vid and pics. If you're in the area come on by. Again we'll be at the bottom of the mountain across from the public works yard which is just before the first switchback. Dan and John will be offering shuttles from 10am - 4pm. We'll also have Screams, Chaps, Morphs, Sciroccos, Pyres, Vientos and Keith will bring his laptop so ask us for a sneak peak of the Scythe and maybe if you bring us a cookie you might get to see the Legend MK1

Monday, June 25, 2007

222 shredding in Denmark

I forgot Claus had sent me this weeks back and I meant to put it up. Claus owns and operates 222 our distributor in Denmark. In addition to being a good rider, I found out last year at Eurobike both him and our man in Finland [R-tech Suspension] Mikko, are both pilots and have been certified to fly planes as big as the Airbus.

For me its cool seeing the different places people ride, and I hope I have the chance to get to all these riding spots some day. Going on vacation without a bike is not really going on a vacation at all and thankfully we have some friends in warm places. I'll see if I can't get some pics and video from our more exotic places that we distribute too; for example Tahiti, Malaysia, Balkans, Taiwan, Singapore, Bali, Korea, Israel, and Russia to name a few.

Anyway heres the vid.

Session's crew sessions Sao Paulo's NS

Gabriel the main "man" at our distributor in Brazil sends me this video... also posted on his blog
The video is just a bunch or riders out having a blast, doing shuttled downhills and a DJ session as the sun is going down.
Looks like a beautiful slice of heaven they found to play in and its the reason I love mountain biking; you're out in the natural environment and not in some arena or other format that works just for "TV".
Oh and if someone knows what kind of truck that it looks like they're all just having fun right.s, let me know. Looks like a Nissan Xterra mixed with a Hummer.
The speaking is all in Portugese - not spanish or mexican - but quick translation is most people are just saying how cool Banshee is and stuff like that - trust me. ;p

Well enjoy

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Banshee Rune Video

Got home from doing a Demo at the Surrey Mountain bike park that the SORCE crew put on. Good times as Dalen managed to put the bike together last night so we could rip it today.
Heres a little vid I put together. Quality's crap once it gets hosted online; i'll need to play with different compressions to see which works the best.

Broadband sports has better quality which you can check out here
or download the higher quality .wmv file from here
or lastly watch it here

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rune prototype

So finally I can show you the Rune with it all nicely painted. The paint color isn't actually a color we'll be doing but for speed we decided just to paint it white and black for the rear triangle. The team color will actually be hand polished where all the white parts are and the rear triangle will be all hand polished as well... should look really slick.
Other colors will be anodized gold, anodized black with a polished ano gold lower link, and an all white powder coated one. I think there will be something to fit everyones style.

More importantly is the techy type stuff with this bike, which we've written about in earlier posts but its ok to go over it again.
The bike will be 6" of travel, have a 1.5" headtube, custom proprietary hydroformed tubesets which are not shown on the prototype and will incorporate all the gussets right into their form, the VF4B suspension with on the fly greaseable pivots [that's of course if you bring the grease with you], and I'm too lazy to go into detail on leverage ratios, rising rates blah blah blah... click the label on the sidebar that says "Rune" grab a coffee and get ready to do a bunch of reading if you so desire.

All you're hear for is the pictures anyway :P

Oh also got the weight on this frame which is a large. Without shock we're looking at 3105 grams and that includes the seatcollar [-55g w/o seatcollar] so the conversion is 1lb=.0022... so we're looking at the large in lbs at 6.8 which is pretty awesome... I couldn't find the weight on a Nomad, if you know it can you post it up in the comments section, that would be much appreciated. Oh and it should get lighter with the new tubeset so I can imagine the large coming in at around 6.5lbs for the large.
We'll get one to Jason at Sicklines so he can verify that the weight has not been embellished and is exactly as stated. Those guy do such thorough reviews that its kinda scary to send them a bike because they will cut you down if you've messed something up, and since they take the bike completely apart theres no place to hide anything.

Pricing is going to be about 2000 Cdn/1900USD with a DHXAir. If you were to look at pricing without a shock it would be around 1600/1500. If you really want to know what the dealers would sell it for you can check out the current prices on the Pyre. The Rune should be on par with that bike as my costs are about the same to produce them.

I have to say overall I'm super pleased at how this bike turned out its got so much cool stuff packed in it I don't think there's a single feature that we've overlooked. Keith of course will be playing with the best cable routing when he gets it and I think he said he'll probably be sending it at Whistler although thats not its intended purpose, its just good if we abuse the crap out of it to make sure that its solid. We do know however that it's lighter cousin the Pyre is super strong after it under went testing at Durham Universities engineering facility, and the tubeset on this bike is fatter and heavier and the math behind it shows that it will be plenty strong.

The world can be a funny place sometimes - consider this. Our Alberta rep Scott Currie was making his rounds and went by to talk to Sid at River Valley Cycles in AB and if he doesn't find Dave with the Vegvisir inked on his calf. Scott says he just got it about 3 weeks ago and had no idea the Rune was also earmarked to get this as its icon .

Again let me know what you think, if theres any suggestions you have let me or Keith know as we can still make changes if there's something you'd like to see us do on the bike. I was thinking of a beer tap just behind the seatpost but we haven't figure out the refrigeration thing yet and I'm not crazy about warm beer - its in the works tho!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So Cam at NSMB has sent out an email looking for support which I thought was important enough to reference on the blog. I can't believe we continually have to fight for the trails but thankfully we have the NSMBA group and a very active mountain bike community in North Vancouver and the surrounding area.
Whats disturbing is the building on the North Shore Mountains keeps getting higher and I fear the day when they will build either homes or business all the way up. I've always been perplexed by the outrage that some have over the few trails that have been built but then nothing is said when acres of land are cleared for housing or a golf course - I guess that has less of an environmental impact?? Usually the biggest complainers are the ones that drive home in their SUVs after sustainability meetings to their huge homes with only 2 occupants, that they light and heat all year round, but they buy organic and recycle so I guess that makes them "green". I'm not saying that its not ok to live in a big house or drive a really big car that eats gas while you throw styrofoam trash and cigarettes out you car window. Just shut the hell up when it comes to our trails. If you wanna save the world start in your own backyard first.

Specifically in reference to the proposal. I don't mind if the planners feel they really need to develop the area but we need to be allowed to replace the trails that we loose. I don't think its necessarily a bad thing because the builders have learned a lot about how to make a trail more sustainable. All you need to do is look at CBC compared to an earlier trail like the Severed Dick to see how far trail building has come and we would get something fresh to ride which is always fun - theres alway some good that can come of a bad situation.

The important thing is that we all come out and again show that the needs of the riders need to be listened to and respected. Those who show up not only represent themselves but the host of international riders who have ridden and want to ride in the future the legendary trails of the mountain bike Mecca know as the North Shore.

The story is taken from NSMB and I've reproduced it hear because some of you might not want to click a link.

Cypress Trails in Jeopardy
Important Meeting Your attendance is essential.
June 20th, 6:00 to 8:30 pm West Van Seniors' Centre, 695 - 21st Street (click for google maps link)

This is it folks. Call everyone you know who rides Cypress or who might want to someday. The only way we are going to get listened to is if we have a serious, standing-room only sort of presence at this meeting. Imagine losing Sexboy? How about Family Guy and Firehose? And that is just a start - we could lose virtually every trail on the mountain. If we don't have a real show of force at this meeting it's a foregone conclusion. Drag your friends kicking and screaming. You won't need to make a speech or talk to the media - just be there as a rider in support of continued access to Cypress.

Do you like real trails or crushed gravel sidewalks? The choice is yours and apathy is not an option. Get on the phone, on email, on Facebook - talk to riders on the trail. Get EVERYONE who rides Cypress at this meeting.

Below you'll find a release from the nsmbA.

Cam McRae

Sexboy is the only trail on Cypress with some wooden structures - and it could all be gone soon.

Recreational Trails on Cypress are Changing

West Vancouver is planning development at the base of Cypress that impacts existing trails including Sex Boy and Family Guy. This is being done before a long term plan for recreational trails on Cypress is defined. No mitigation has been planned to handle displaced traffic.

The Rodgers Creek Working Group is working on a development plan that is a vast improvement over previous projects such as Whitby Estates. They deserve recognition for the effort and detail paid to environmental issues and the sustainability of the area. Northwest of the first switchback there will eventually be a Village Centre including a plaza, retail shops and a pub.

Here you see one of the early phases. This would mean Family Guy gone, Sexboy closed, Firehose closed etc. A huge blow and only the beginning.

These are good features, but the impacts on existing recreational trails have yet to be dealt with. Unless a strong voice raises this concern, the trails as we know them on Cypress will be lost.

• Help the District understand the need for a long term plan for recreational trails
• Help them understand the types of trails people want
• Ensure alternate trails are in place before any more trails are decommissioned
• Avoid further damage from unauthorized trail construction

Is that Sexboy? For now it is. Soon it could be a crushed gravel path with no heart. Rider ~ Mike Wallace

Let the district know how much the trails on Cypress mean to our community.

Wednesday June 20th, 2007
6:00 to 8:30 pm
West Van Seniors' Centre, 695 - 21st Street - click here for google maps link.

Are you coming? Phone your buddies? Rally the troops and put in your two bits here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Rampant 4X prototype

Finally I can show you the pictures of the Rampant 4X.

It isn't totally perfect yet as I need to make the creature icon bigger on the downtube and top tube so that the wings cross the centerline. The placement is also slightly off as there needs to be a 2mm seperation between the graphic and where the paint starts.

The "rampant" font needs to be slightly smaller but the rampant icon seems to fit perfect so thats good.

Again, we didn't have the hydroformed tubes ready when we started so try to imagine it with a similar shape but without the gussets as they'll be built into the tubes.

Creature looks pretty slick on the headtube, so I am pretty happy it turned out well.

So this will be the TEAM style of paint. Yeah its kinda flashy, but this is a race bike so it may not appeal to the rider who likes his bikes in olive drab, or brown with minimal logos. We'll also have completely different styles and colors that one should be able to find something they like.

I'll have the Rune up in a few days, and will also put a post up about the change in the pivots. Basically show you the new "on the fly" greasable pivots; should work really well.

I'm really stoked on this bike and even though its a 4X race bike I think it may become my personal steed for all around riding.

Let me know what you think... always like reading the comments.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mtb Photography

For me photos are the best way to express myself , my riding style and what mtb is for me, what i'm feeling riding my bike and how fear makes me happy ;)))
Today we have got movie times , kranked 18 , the collective ,nwd 11 etc etc but for me photography is still something that is catching the core of riding . I can watch good mtb shot for hours … and it haven’t got music , slow motion and all tv tricks photography is pure!
And it’s the best motivation for me to ride my bike harder.
I can remember photo sessionon da grasso-explorer trip when I was taking high risk for one shot , maybe it’s stupid but photography and mtb for me are something very close it’s something symbiotic.
I’m true beginner in mtb photography but last week we started (photo bro Arkadiusz Jankowski and i) making photos . We are planning photo trip and material from that trip will be in Polish bikes Magazines and of course on banshee blog.
I’m putting here just few average photos of me but they are something important for me and for Arkadiusz because it’s our passion! MTB photography

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Banshee/On Top Demo Day

Got the date confirmed that we'll be doing shuttles and offering demos on Saturday June 30th at the bottom of Cypress Mountain just before the first switch back. It'll start at 10am and run to about 3pm - I hope it sunny.
We'll probably have a few Wildcards, maybe a Rune and a Rampant as well as the other bikes in our line.
Me and Keith will be there, the guys from Trident and of course Dan and John from On Top. We'll answer any questions you have about Banshee's, bikes, or about anything else you ever wanted to know - even where babies come from.
Last year we all had a good time and only one guy broke his arm...

Look forward to seeing you out there!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rune... first pic

I wanted to wait until we had a full bike assembled but couldn't. It may look a little ugly now because its not got any paint on it yet but I'm super excited about this bike because I think it's gonna be the perfect bike for everything - well almost everything, mostly trail riding from easy to extreme.
Now we didn't get the hydroformed tubesets in time for the prototype and these will make the bike look even sexier.
Alot of what we learned before and during with the Pyre has gone into the development of this bike and thanks goes out to Alex and the University of Durham for putting the Pyre through the rigors - Keith remember to bring that report when you come to Van on the 20th.
I'm really curious to see how everyone likes the "on the fly" grease ports in the pivots that go right through the axles.
The shock shows an RP23 but will come spec'd with a more linear type of shock like the Evolvers, or DHXAirs... you could jam a coil in there but with the adjustability of the Airs , for me, I don't think it would be necessary unless you had the $$ for both a coil and an air.
We wanted to run up to a 7" single crown on the bike so its got the onepointfive headtube but with the FSA headsets with reducer cups you could get away with a 1-1/8 steerer.

Pricing will be inline with what the current Pyre sells for so you can check to see what the shops are selling those for and it'll get you a good idea of what these will go for.
The colors of the frames are not indicative of what they will be but kind of give you an idea. We will have a Team issue that I'm really want to see how it turns out. Currently we're looking at doing an all black ano with gold pivot and black rockers, an all gold ano with black rockers and pivot, a white with gold pivot and black rockers, and lastly the polished aluminum with black front team model.
Well thats it from me sports fans. I'll put up more pics as they become available.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My new camera

Finally got my HV20 and I'm pretty stoked. Not so stoked on the fact that I had to upgrade the OS, get a firewire card, more RAM, and new software. Its still chugging along so at some point I'll need to get a system that can edit video much better.

Now the video below is not footage I took but stuff Scott our Alberta rep sent me. I figured I try to put something together cause I'm still learning all the things the software -Premier Elements- can do.

Stuck the camera on my frame sliders [my honda CBR600RR has these things that jut out from the bike to keep it from scratching when it goes down... and yeah I've used them] and nearly cased a curb so I'll be getting one of those little helmet cameras that plug into the AV of my camera. I figure its cheaper to kill one of those then the camcorder itself.

So hopefully I'll have much more cool vids to put up here soon.

And onto the clip

Oh and I forgot to mention... Scott, that's one freaky, stylie jersey!

Scotland Trip

Hi first sorry for my english i know it's bad.
My 7 days long trip was great .I did "transfer" From dirt jumping and 4 x racing into true mountain bike riding and bermy jumpy single track is now something perfect for me.

Glentress and Innerleithen is a mekka .

It has got everything: hc rock gardens, north shore sections, bermy single tracks , enduro, xc.
But for the first time in my life i was feeling something like a mantra when i was riding down the trails for 20 min ( 20 min is time from top of the spooky woods, then super g, then worm hole , magic mushrum and then black hally hansen trail into parking lot)

It wasn;t like dh race that you are fighting with every 0.000000001 of the second, it was true descent . I know that it wasn't the north shore but i was feeling something that Wade Simmons told me about, the North Shore is not a place it's state of mind and i have got that kind of feeling in Scottish forest. I was so happy i think that it's impossible to be mountainbiker without feeling the mountain
energy . It's like doing big deep turns in fresh powder on a snowboard . It's little bit different than doing mountain bike contest in the biggest cities of Europa.
But the coolest thing was fact that the trails where built by forest rangers!!!!!!!!! and Scotland + European Union payed for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was BIG shock for me .

In my country the forest ranger is the biggest foes and we haven't got trails because they destroy everything.
Bad thing was the fact that we couldn't meet with IAN the local photographer from Innerleithen , so i haven't got cool pictures.

My favorite line was MAKE OR BRAKE it's something like ALINE in whistler .

My BANSHEE CHAP was great perfect bike for all mountain freeriding.

I was so happy can't wait to hit mountains on my bike next time

ps big news is fact that adidas is canceled.

For more photos check my site


HeadTube Badge

I really wanted to get a proper badge on the bikes this year rather then a sticker. It took a little work to get it just right but I'm happy with the results. It looks a little weird in the picture because it wraps around a tube and has that curvy shape so you can't see how the wings expand out.
I think i'll try to get some flat ones made that you can stick all over your parents car, or your own if you drive you can make a wicked hood ornament.