Thursday, April 26, 2007

Saw this...

on tjrobbo
I don't know who this tjrobbo guy is but he definitely is getting pawn3d
but its pretty funny

May 19 - Opening day for the Whistler Bike Park.

May 19 is the scheduled opening day for Whistler Bike Park. This date seems optimistic since I was there last weekend snowboarding and there was still a crapload of snow. It is, however, getting warmer and the rains are starting to fall so that date may be more realistic than I think. It's hard to believe this will be my 8th season in the bike park. Yeah, I've been riding that place since it's inception and every year it gets better and better... minus last season where one of my favorite trails, No Joke, was closed indefinitely due to Olympic construction. Whistler has promised to create another line similar to No Joke to replace it's big brother. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hopefully I will get the chance to meet and ride with all the Banshee fans out there. Can't wait. I'm literally overwhelmed with anticipation. If you happen to spot me make sure you say hi or give a nod. 22 Pride, Yo.

Chris's new helmet

Chris Soininen just sent me pics of his new helmet, which he'll be sporting in Whistler this year - All I can say is I want one.
Totally cool theme too... I mean who wouldn't want Jessica Alba sitting on their helmet - [double-entendre?? purely coincidental ;) ]
Paint is all done by Grant Allen... who obviously has other talents then just throwing down massive airs.
Great work Grant.
The yellow helmet is Grants earlier work and just as cool.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alan & Chris update

Alan dropped me a line and told me that him and Chris just got back from competing in one of the Australian jump contests. He got 1st and Chris got 2nd, which is pretty cool... I'll try to get more information and hopefully I can get some of Stephens photos which are always kickass to add to this article.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Riders Pics

Great work on starting to fill up the Banshee riders gallery, it so cool to see that people are throwing it down on the stuff we worked so hard to create.
Where are all those Pyre, Scirocco, and Viento riders out there??? Just because you're not catching air doesn't mean you don't count... I know you're out there because we've shipped a ton of those bikes.
Love to see more pics, so keep'm coming.

Robs new website

Rob just emailed me info on his new website and I thought I'd share it -

He's still in the process of building and adding to it and there will be more stuff going up over time. It will be the place to look if you want to find out more about him and what he'll be working on. We're also pleased that he's now under employ with Freeborn -Banshee/Mythic's UK distributor, in addition to being the driving force behind the Eshore Shore park and our factory rider.

Keith our engineer just got his hands on the Wildcard proto and is building it up as I write this. Hopefully he'll have it in time for Szweds trip to Scotland as they plan to meet up and do some riding together... I'm sure Petr will be suprised that Keith can keep up with the best of them. Then he plans a trip to meet Rob and the boys at Freeborn and then hit the all crazy stuff Robs been building. We'll make sure to document the trips and post them up here.

We have some other really big news but want to wait until he gets all of his bikes before we post up the new Banshee Pride factory rider. He's been in NWD6,7, and will be filming #8 in May with the Freeride Entertainment crew. Anyway we'll let everyone know real soon.

Again, make sure you check out Robs site for new updates.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What's Up it's SZWED

Hi, first i want to introduce myself.
I'm a 25 year old rider from Poland
Since i was a little tike my biggest passion was bikes, motorcycles, cars, boards; basically riding on everything.
Today riding bikes, cars, training is my sense of life.

I'm a Banshee team rider and in 2007 i'm seriously going back to the roots big mountain freeriding. I know that now slopestyle is 99% of freeriding but for me true mountainbiking is something more than doing tricks on closed course.

I have 3 big photo-shooting trips planned in 2007 and they are:
  • a Scotland trip (Glentress ,Tweed Valley)
  • a Vancouver (British Columbia) a true HC snowboard and mtb trip
  • and a trip to Caucasian mountains and ELBRUS mountains in Russia.
I will also hit the Leogang freeride dual slalom and compete in some 4x races.
I'm very proud that i can be part of the 22PRIDE, and i think that i understand the PRIDE 100%!.
So i will be in contact

Jay: Piotr "Szwed" Szwedowski has ridden for Banshee for a few years now. Poland has quite a big mountian bike scene with great places to ride and we're glad to have Szwed with us again for 2007 and 2008. More details on the Factory Banshee Pride will go up when we get the new website up but look for us in the 2007 Adidas slopestyle comp, Crankworx and Monster park.
The Banshee Pride will be looking to fill a few spots on the team in 4X, DH, XC, and Enduro type disciplines... the rosters pretty much filled for the slopestyle and freeride people.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Num Ti Jah Lodge

So I finally figured out how to insert a picture into the header bar.

Thought I'd show you where the pic came from.
Its called the Num Ti Jah Lodge and the Banshee crew are pretty tight with the guys there.

If your from BC or the west side of Alberta
this stuff is still pretty spectacular even though seeing mountains is nothing new, however if you've never grew up around mountains this stuff pretty much blows your mind.

If you ride up the Gondola at Whistler during the summer season sometimes they pack you in with the tourists that are heading to the top. Seeing their faces as we climb over plateaus and up really steep sections is another chance for me to appreciate where I live because you just don't get this everywhere.

From their website, "Num-Ti-Jah Lodge overlooks one of the most dramatic scenes in the Canadian Rockies. Out of Bow Lake the mountains rise steep and rugged. The blue ice of Crowfoot Glacier hangs suspended over the turquoise water. To the west, the craggy peaks of the Great Divide tower over Bow Glacier."

In Canada you're not allowed to ride bikes in National Parks, in fact you can't cut down a tree with out getting in some serious trouble, but if you're into hiking, fishing or XC skiing then its just a few steps from the front door.
If your hearts set on tearing it up on your mountain bike then a few hours away is Calgary Olympic Park where they have a pretty cool mountain bike park, or in the other direction is Golden and theres also other "legal" areas where you can ride.

Calgary is also home to the largest bike store in Canada, and its where Banshee got it's start. The shop if you could call the 4 floor building -which is already too small the first day the opened- is called Bow Cycle.
Bow Cycle has quite the collection of old classic bikes on display some are actually on loan from one of Banshee's owner who has painstakingly restored them to their once prestine glory. Even though we're a relatively young company the guys at Banshee have quite a long history in the cycling industry.

If you're planning a mountain bike trip to Canada the Num Ti Jah lodge makes a great starting point.

On the way to Whistler you can hit towns like Golden's Kicking Horse Mountain, Vernon's Silverstar, and Kamloops' SunPeaks, a
ll which have lift accessed mountain bike parks, or if you have the time drop down and check out Nelson and Rossland, then check out all the North Shore Mountains, to Squamish and then to Whistler. This will give you a chance to ride 3 parks before you even get to Whistler's as well as chance to taste the different variety of natural terrain that BC has to offer.
Whistlers awesome but you're totally missing out if you think thats all there is, because its only a tiny slice of heaven.

I hope to continue to bring interesting locations for you to check out. I probably won't be doing any travel until the Eurobike show but hope to start on the whirlwind world tour in the next couple of years as its about time I saw all our customers on their home turf.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Got any cool pics?

So you wanna be immortalized for a year on the next Banshee website?
Sure pics of the pro's are cool and we'll use some of those but c'mon why not give the regular Banshee rider a chance for fame... I mean how many pics of bikes not on the ground can ya see... if you we're an alien looking through a magazine you'd think mountain bikes fly so just cause you're not going huge doesn't mean its not a good picture. We don't get nearly enough XC, Allmountain, or Enduro pictures sent to us so those riders who are on the Pyres, Vientos, and Sciroccos stand up and be counted!

Anyway... you can upload your pics using the following:
Password: Bansheebike
Just click on the gallery below and sign in.

Make sure you add a caption which indicates the rider, location, and photo.
I'll let you know in the comments section asking if we could use your photo and we'll send you something in the mail for any photos we use of yours and when we upload the new site on Halloween bang you'll be there.... We'll make sure we give you props on our site as well.

Pictures need to be well framed, clear, and about 1MB however you can upload smaller files as long as you have the original larger ones.

Banshee Riders Pictures

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Whistler Helmetcam footage...

Here is some helmetcam footage of 'No Joke' (Garbonzo, Whistler bike park) That my mate Ben and myself took back in summer 2005 while we were guiding out there. Man this brings back some good memories! Hope you enjoy.