Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy Livin’

Scope this little edit that my buddies Kyle, Iggy, and I put together last week!  Good times back home!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Season 2 Teaser

Check out the teaser to the web television show I have been working on called the Season 2. We cheated a little bit and are using footage from this year and last year so look for two different Legend MKII's in there.

ARC'TERYX presents: The Season 2 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Dirt Merchant

Come ride down Dirt Merchant with me and my mates Tom and Kenny (all on Banshee Legend MkII's)...

Dirt Merchant on


Dean Wilkes experimenting with camera angles.

A nice video from Dean riding at the Woodlot on his rune.

A Multi-Angle Video at The Woodlot on

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Matej Charvat - Val di Sole

High temperatures and dust, that was the main characteristic of World cup finals in Val di Sole. The roughest track of the whole circuit pushed the riders and the material to their limits. I managed to equalize my best result from Windham(USA). After a bit slower upper part I smashed a bit harder at the bottom and finished 32nd again.

It was the last World cup this year, so I didn’t take the things easy. The conditions were hard, tho. Extremely hot and a lot of dust. Sometimes it felt like riding in snow. You hit the deep stuff and get out of control because you really didn’t know what are you going over. That’s what happened to me in last woods, I was a bit wild and wide over there. I’m actually happy with my run except I overbraked a lot of lines to stay safe and try not to fall.

I will hopefully be able to upload a video of me and Adam in Val di Sole soon. Stay tuned!


(Adam Brayton also got his best WC result of the season finishing in 29th)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Howey and I at Whistler!

Check out this banger from Nic Genovese!




Season Update

The summer of 2011 seems to have been pushed back 2 months, with the traditional warm, dry weather of summer just hitting British Columbia in the end of July. As such, the pace of this summer is downright feverish. The first part of summer was a whirlwind of photo shoots, filming days, guiding work and building days. It all has blurred together into a wet, cold smile inducing memory.

Currently I write this from Retallack lodge, deep in the Kootneys where I have been for the past few weeks building trails, guiding groups and riding huge descents. Being fairly removed from it all, in semi-remote wilderness (no cell service and patchy inter-web;) has given me a chance to reflect on the season so far and a good opportunity to share it with you.

I have been working closely with Squamish based photographer David Fournier on a few projects and we created these shots below at the beginning of this season. Check them out and look for a 'Day in the Life' on soon.

Next on the agenda was adding to my part for Reel Water Productions The Season 2. This involved heading back to an area called the Burn, and riding a line that was featured in You Like This except this time the line was snow free and twice as long. Since it was snow free I could incorporate 3 additional features making it a 6 hit line.

Garret Grove was out shooting with us and captured some great moments like this one of the first feature and this one of my building gear. Garret and I have a photo journey in the works, can't wait to get out there with him again, look for it this fall.

Right before I left for Retallack I participated in the Deep Summer Photo Challenge with a good friend of mine, Tim Zimmerman. Tim is a phenomenal photographer, and comes to the bike world from snowboarding, where I believe in 2010 he was the most published snowboard photographer. Although we didn't win I had the best 3 days in the Whistler Bike Park of my entire life, made some new great friends and produced some stellar images. Check out the slide show!

2011 Deep Summer Photo Challenge slideshow from Tim Zimmerman on Vimeo.

Until next time, here is a photo from the top of Toad Mtn in Nelson, both the Banshee Legend and Spitfire are ready to shred Powerslave. Thanks Riley and Kris for killing it on this trail!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Summer Video!

I left my house on the morning of May 31st, not knowing what I was getting myself into. It was an epic summer filled with nothing but good times! I went to Teva Games, up to Victoria for Jump Ship, over to Whistler where I coached at Camp of Champions, down to Colorado for Crankworx Colorado, back to the island for the Bearclaw Invitational, and finally back to Whistler to chill for a bit before trucking home. 7804 miles and 74 days later I was back, and had plenty of footage to put this edit together in order to share the trip with you!

The video's over 16 minutes long, so I broke it up into sections as well:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sunday with Mike Montgomery

I was recently informed that Banshee would be producing a batch of Banshee Amps painted to match the bikes that I have been riding all season. I was pretty stoked to get custom painted frames and even more stoked to know that they will be available to the public.

I decided to go out with two of my friends Danny and Donnie (from NKOTB) and film a short edit to welcome the frames into the world.

A Sunday with Mike Montgomery on

I am not sure how many frames will be available or when they will be available. Stay tuned to for more information and go over to Pinkbike to leave comments on the video.


Custom Grease Gun Adaptors

For an extra easy way to grease the pivots on the Rune, Spitfire, Rampant, and Pyre MkII.

This adapter is designed to be hand thread into the pivots, with the grub screw removed of course, and accept a standard lock on style grease gun.

There's no mess or waste and the total seal makes pushing out the old grease very easy. The adapter is made from stainless steel to prevent any rust or corrosion.

If you neglect greasing your pivots because of the work it involves, try this adapter and you'll see just how fast and easy the job becomes.

Prices: all prices are in US dollars
$24 shipped in the US
$25 shipped to Canada
$26 shipped international

Additional units are $20 each up to a quantity of 4. Contact me with quotes on more than 4 units.

Paypal address is

Contact me with any question at



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Matt Brooks - New Bikes

I know I’m a little behind on this one, but I thought I should post some photos on my new bikes. Big thanks to Banshee Bikes, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Manitou, Spank, and Straitline for the help with the builds.

Good Days

This is my first post here on the Banshee blog.
What you will notice is, english isn´t my native language ...
I life here in Austria, so the east side of the Alps are really close to my doorstep.

Maybe you spotted the "Duke" or the "Silly lines reloaded" video here,
this time again I´m doing this trial influenced riding with my Wildcard on a plus 3000 m mountain.
(that´s more then 10.000 feet)

Here is my report as I wrote it on my bike blog
(Also something about me, my bike and my riding.)


Last year I thought that the Seekofel was the toughest decent I´ve ever done,
but this one was even harder. Even though it was described as an easy 3000 m
mountain, trying to make it with a bike was a challenge. I did this trip together with Mihi,
on the first day we made the first 800 meters of uphill till we reached the hut.
On the next day we had to walk another 800 meters in altitude, finally reaching the top.
On my way up I was insecure, most of the path are only rocks in all sizes, so it was like
a big, natural trial track. To be honest, I wasn´t able to ride everything, but in the end I
managed to do about 90 % of it.
From the top till the hut it took us about 3 hours, mostly doing this kinda trial-biking!
I never was that exhausted and tired, both my body and my head.

Special thanks to the innkeeper of the Arthur von Schmid hut, he really appreciated our doing,
he even wanted a photo of us (with bike) on the summit!

Thanks also to Mihi for doing most of the film work.

This is not a mountain you will do often, but the emotions after such a ride are very special!

Here is a video in a (short) Banshee-only version:

Good Days (Banshee only version) from Lizard on Vimeo.

Plus 2 photos:

More photos from this trip on the german site of my blog.
Best regards, Horst.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three weeks of racing in the Rockies

The past three weeks I have been in the interior of BC racing at the Canadian National Championships, the Canada Cup finals and the Western Open BC Cup.

I stayed with the Cycling BC team for just under two weeks at Panorama, which was great and a lot better than camping. Nationals was the first race in Panorama. We did a course walk Thursday and had a bit of practice in the afternoon. Friday was a full day of practice and then Saturday was seeding. For seeding I had a good consistent run, I pedaled hard but kept it steady through the tough sections. I seeded 3rd in Junior which I was satisfied with. Sunday I had a good run and kept it consistent and finished in 7th. I wasnt too pleased with my time or placing and figured out that I just didn't push it enough, I was thinking about my placing and who I had to beat too much which distracted me from having fun and going fast.

Getting loose during practice at Nationals (FYI I rode out of it)

The next weekend was the Canada Cup finals also at Panorama but on a different track. I learned from the mistakes I made at Nationals and made some changes to my mental game. There was no seeding for the Canada Cup, so we got two days of practice and then raced Sunday. Sunday the Juniors and Elites were mixed and placed in the start list by ranking. I was within the last 20 riders to race. My run was great, I pushed it and got quite loose on some sections. I didn't get too serious before or during my run because I ride the fastest when I'm having fun. When I came across the line I had the third fastest time if the day. I finished 4th in Junior less than two seconds off the win and 4 seconds off the fastest time of the day. I was very happy with my time as it placed me with the 12th fastest time of the day.

Race run at the Canada Cup finals

The next weekend was the Western Open BC Cup at Kicking Horse Mt in Golden. My parents came up for the last Canada Cup and than I stayed with them for the week and weekend of the BC Cup. We camped out in our Westfalia van. The course was the same as last year except a bit rougher and drier. It was a lot of fun practicing and racing on the course because it's so fast and loose. My race run was very good, I got a bit loose and put everything I had into the last horribly long pedal. When I came down I had the second fastest time of the day and fastest in Junior. I stayed in the hotseat until the last junior, a local racer Riley Suhan, came down and bumped me out. I was very happy with my result because it was Riley's home track and he's unbelievably fast on it. At the end of the day I finished 2nd in Junior and had the 14th fastest time of the day.

2nd place podium at the Western Open BC Cup

After all these races I finished 4th in the Canada Cup series, 1st seventeen year old in Canada. I am also leading the BC Cup series in Junior with two more races to go.

I am still waiting to hear if I've been selected for the National team to go to World Championships in Switzerland. There are four Junior riders going and I am in contention as I finished fourth in the Canada Cup series, but nothings official yet. That was one of my goals this year was to make it to Worlds and I am anxiously waiting to hear if that will become a reality.

I'd also like to give a shout out to NRG enterprises for helping me out a couple times on my trip. I was stuck and needed some parts twice and both times they pulled through and got me the right parts when I needed them.



Be sure to check my blog at for more updates and photos.

Thanks to Dave Hord for all the awesome photos.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Euro Trippin'

Dirk has been on the road with his legend and his GoPro...

roadtrip part 1 von Irvine78 auf

Nokia Irish Downhill Championships

The Nokia Irish National Downhill Championships were held a few weeks back in Carrick, Co Wicklow. Luckily for Ireland in the summer, the track was super dry and the weekend wasn't spoiled by any rain. Over 240 riders entered and there was a huge amount of spectators on the day ringing cowbells, blowing vuvuzela's and shouting at us going down the track. EpicDH and Flow Racing put on the event which was run super smoothly.

The track had a deadly steep rock section at the start which caused problems for many riders, with lots of punctures and offs during practice.

From Drop Box

I had a great ride on my little Banshee Legend and other than a near off at the end jump, and overtaking another competitor on the way down, had a clean run. The bike is great for smaller riders (I am 4' 11") and I was delighted to come first in the women's category.

From Drop Box

Here is a video of the race:

The 2011 Irish DH National Championships on

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fakawi Banshee in Cilegon

Fakawi Banshee in Cilegon, Indonesia from Fakawi | Banshee on Vimeo.

Our team rider and his MK2 doing a chill run down Cilegon DH track during our last trip to Indonesia.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shredding the Rune

Check out this video of Guillaume Bossu shredding his local trails on his Rune...

Gambas Project from guillaume Bossu on Vimeo.

Looks like a lot of fun & that BOS air shock seems to be working nicely!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bike of the Week

This week's Bike of the Week goes to Chris Boffa from California & this is his pimped out Spitfire...

If you want to be considered for Bike of the Week, please email your photos & a description of you & your bike to:
Photos should be re-sized to a maximum width/height of 1000px & your email should be no larger than 1mb. Crashing our inbox will get you instantly disqualified!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mike's Bikes Stolen

Whilst on his way to the Bearclaw Invitational Slopestyle contest at Mount Washington, on Vancouver Island, BC, Mike Montgomery's Banshee Legend DH bike and Banshee Rampant Slope Bike were stolen from his truck.

If you see any of these unique & extremely valuable bikes, please contact Nanaimo Police Department - 250-754-2345

Full story & bike specs on Pinkbike